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Whatever your age, you’re building a career in a creative industry or trying to excel and succeed in one. You’re ambitious for the future and want to be sure you have your ladder up against the right wall. You also want to be more strategic in how you go about achieving your ambitions.

Boost coaching will help you:

  • Move from the crossroads to clarity about your career path and purpose
  • Build confidence for your next step
  • Discover and develop your strengths and skills to achieve the promotion you deserve
  • Transition into a new job with confidence and focus
  • Raise your profile with a honed networking and public speaking skill set
  • Recover from unplanned setbacks & carry that forward to a more resilient future
  • Get back on track after maternity, travel or sick leave
  • Strategically plan the career success you desire

Coaching with Boost has helped many people in these situations and more get their lives and their career fully on track, enjoy their success and feel fulfilment.

Life Coaching

Coaching is the fastest growing motivational approach for achieving personal and professional success, it is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to making the most out of life.

Examples of why people choose Life Coaching with Boost:

Turning point / Life Juncture
It’s time for a change! You are at a transition in your life, or you are getting back to your career after taking time out to be a parent, overcoming an illness, or for some other obligation that meant you were unable to focus on your self productively. You want to get back on track with a clear sense of purpose and direction in your life.

Where’s my mojo?
You know what it feels like when you have your mojo but then suddenly either it’s gone or you’ve lost track of how to keep it. You want to feel on top of your game again, happier, and enjoying the confidence that comes with it.

Driving the Bus instead of being the passenger!  
It feels like life has led you rather than you leading it. You take on board what others say more than you like to admit and the ‘shoulds’ drive your decisions too often. You want to step into your own strengths more fully but you’re not completely sure what they are. You want to take the reins firmly in your own hands so that you are truly leading your own life.

Off-Balance You can’t remember the last time you had a home-cooked meal. You have no idea what the state of your bank balance is and blissfully ignore it rather than be on top of it and secure in your financial future. You often feel like you’re trying to recover from your week on the weekends or vice versa.  Before you know it, another 5 years will have gone by. You had some dreams once but they have blurred into some distant thought. It’s time to take stock and refocus so you can find the balance of ‘being’ in your life not just ‘doing’ in your life.


  • Working with Boost has given me ongoing support and clarity about my life. I feel I am being coached into good habits and that is having a profound impact on my life. I have felt very excited ,connected and fulfilled since we have been working together. Pam has the ability to be warm, honest, funny, open, clear, brave, cheeky, tough, intuitive, sensitive, insightful all whilst being hugely supportive and human. I can’t recommend her enough.

    MI, Professional dancer and coach

  • “I approached coaching with a fairly cynical attitude at first, but believe me it works! It is undoubtedly down to you as an individual to make it work but working with Boost coaching really kicks you into touch with your life! I’ve made major changes in mine including leaving my job for a while to go and do voluntary work abroad. Life coaching helps you live. It has also shown me that even when things are not running smoothly, it's how you approach situations that can make all the difference. I would recommend Boost 100% to anyone.

    MP, BBC Producer


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